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Discuss Your Business Goals and Issue...

Discuss your business goals and issues with a Small Business Lawyer and Trademark Attorney. 100% Business Law . . . 100% of the Time. Taking a Dispute-Avoidance approach, i.e., taking preventative measures now to avoid disputes later.   How can I obtain information for Starting a Small Business? Information for Small Businesses How Can I Learn […]

Non Compete Agreement Checklist

Non Compete Agreement Checklist Non compete agreements are often a part of (or clause within) a broader agreement, e.g. an independent contractor agreement, employment agreement, confidentiality agreement distributorship agreement, etc.  The following is a helpful non-exclusive checklist for a non-compete clause. Describe the consideration provided (e.g., salary, payment, disclosure, etc.).  Describe restrictive time period (must […]

Literary Services Agreement Checklist

Literary Services Agreement Checklist      Use this checklist as a tool to facilitate discussion concerning literary services, including, writing and/or ghostwriting. Describe: Proposal.  What will be included in the proposal and length? Present Agreement.  What is scope of agreement to write proposal, e.g., will it include some terms for the anticipated publishing agreement? Collaboration and […]

Licensing Agreement Checklist

Licensing Agreement Checklist      All License Agreements are ‘NOT CREATED EQUAL!”  The type of licensed property/material involved, has a significant effect on the terms that are essential to the License Agreement.  In addition, there are several other important factors that influence the content necessary to create a comprehensive licensing agreement. Licensing Agreement Issues. To the […]

What is a Letter of Credit?

What is a Letter of Credit? Use of Letters of Credit, reduce the exposure to risk inherent in international business transactions, when certain methods of payment are implemented. The Letter of Credit is the means by which parties may reduce risk in international transactions.  With a Letter of Credit a seller of goods assures that the […]

Joint Venture Agreement Checklist and...

Joint Venture Agreement Checklist (Partnership Agreement Checklist) Joint Venture Agreement: an essential ingredient for business success. Consider: What are your expectations as to money, time and effort for yourself and other participants? What are other participant’s expectations as to money, time and effort from your? What are other participant’s expectations as to money, time and […]

Understanding the Joint Venture Agree...

Understanding the Joint Venture Agreement A well-drafted Joint Venture Agreement is key to successful multi-party projects.  It is essential that all participants understand their rights and obligations and the rights, obligations and expectations of all other participants. When tension and stress levels rise, even well-intentioned participants often forget (sometimes innocently), what they promised at the […]

International Business Agreements

International Business Agreements     International transactions are so common these days, that many businesses do not realize that they need an Attorney experienced in the international arena, to assist them with their International Agreements. While the general subject matter of International Agreements is similar to domestic agreements, there are some important distinctions. International Agreements, Generally. […]

Corporations and LLC’S What Bu...

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies WHAT BUSINESS OWNERS SHOULD KNOW! PERSONAL LIABILITY.    As a business owner, you may be exposed to personal liability for activities related to your business.  As such, your personal assets may also be exposed to the risk of attachment, seizure and sale.  To reduce the risk of personal liability, consider creating […]

Understanding Franchising versus Lice...

Understanding Franchising versus Licensing What is the difference between Franchising and Licensing? License.  A License is permission or the right to do an act which, without such permission, would be illegal. Licenses are governed by “contract law.”  Franchise Registration is not required for a License, so long as it does not fall within the scope […]