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Michelle DelMar, Esq.

Business Lawyer, Trademark Lawyer and Executive Contract Lawyer

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International Joint Venture Agreement Checklist

(International Partnership Agreement Checklist)

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International Joint Venture Agreement: an essential ingredient for business success.




Before investing your time and money in an International Joint Venture, GET IT IN WRITING and consider requiring commitments with regard to the following important issues:

What are your expectations as to money, time and effort for yourself and other participants?
What are other participant's expectations as to money, time and effort from your?
What are other participant's expectations as to money, time and effort from themselves?
What happens if participants can no longer do what they promised?  Control, Profits, Shares?
Do participant's heirs have right to take over participant's shares and control?
Do participants have the right to sell or transfer their ownership to someone else?

These and other important issues should be set out in a clear, concise International Joint Venture Agreement or Partnership Agreement.

Joint Venture Agreement Checklist:

A well-drafted Joint Venture Agreement or Partnership Agreement is essential to successful partnership.

Each participant should understand their rights, obligations and the expectations of all participants.

When tension and stress levels rise, participants often forget what they promised at the beginning.

Joint Venture agreements substantially reduce the risk disputes that can bring down a business.

A Joint Venture Agreement Checklist will guide you through the important issues including:

  • Purpose - getting clear your purpose and make sure its a common purpose for all participants and that purposes of participants do not conflict.
  • Control - who has right to control, and do heirs have control if something happens to participant?
  • Duties and responsibilities and expectations, concerning TIME (CLOCK AND CALENDAR), MONEY, EFFORT, ETC.
  • Right to compete?  To work elsewhere?
  • Exit plans and strategies.
  • What happens if participant can no longer work for business? Profits? Losses? Shares?
  • And other important issues

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