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Michelle DelMar, Esq.

Business Lawyer, Trademark Lawyer and Executive Contract Lawyer

International Business Agreements

    International transactions are so common these days, that many businesses do not realize that they need an Attorney experienced in the international arena, to assist them with their International Agreements. While the general subject matter of International Agreements is similar to domestic agreements, there are some important distinctions.

International Agreements, Generally. One of the biggest risks, is in not fully understanding the contract.

An important key to business success is having the proper legal tools. So too, is the importance of understanding how they work, so that you can make them work for you. Attorney Michelle DelMar can provide you with efficient, cost effective review and analysis of your existing contracts, advise you as to how they can be improved and modify or draft new agreements based upon your goals, concerns and legal issues.

Win-Win! In most international negotiations, there is a win-win solution, even it if it is not immediately apparent to all parties. The critical element to successful negotiations, is to approach the negotiations as a mutual problem solver. Find out the underlying interests, goals and concerns of each party, instead of focusing only on what the parties think they want. Look also at the big picture and brainstorm with regard to what each party can bring to the table. By focusing on these elements and with this approach, a broader scope of possibilities can be developed. Then, a mix of options may be selected that minimize or eliminate fears and concerns and at the same time satisfy each party's goals and interests.
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Below is a list of legal services concerning International transactions:

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International Joint Venture Agreement Checklist
International Distributorship Agreement Checklist
Establishing Subsidiaries
Understanding the Letter of Credit
International Agreements - International Contracts
Understanding the Joint Venture Agreement

Joint Venture Agreement Checklist
Employee Agreement
Executive Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement
Consulting Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement Checklist
Non-Compete Agreement
No Circumvention Agreement
Strategic Marketing Alliance Agreement
Supplier-Buyer Agreement
Supplier/Manufacturer Distributorship Agreement Checklist 
Broker Agreement
and other agreements
Trademarks, Copyrights
Internet, Web Site Compliance
Employer Compliance
Art & Fine Collectibles
Archeological Excavations Agreements
Admiralty Law
Mergers & Acquisitions, Exit Strategies, "Wrap-Up"
Space Law
Protect Your Assets
Publishing - Publication

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