Website Compiance

One of the first things new businesses do, typically is, create a website.  Business owners should understand that it is important to have proper web site content including, appropriate terms of use, privacy policy and copyright notices.

This content protects your rights, as well as, provides for compliance with laws such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, etc.

Some examples are as follows:

a. Privacy Policies, amongst other things, often give notice with regard to what you will and will not be doing with the information of visitors to the site.

b. Clear and comprehensive Return Policy pages are essential for retail sites.

c. Terms of Use often include provisions that protect your intellectual property rights.

Make sure you do it right the first time and avoid costly remedial measures later.  Discuss your business with a competent experienced Boston business lawyer or Maine business lawyer to determine what policies and provisions would be best to include in your web site.

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