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Michelle L. Grenier, Esq.

Business Lawyer, Trademark Attorney and Executive Contract Lawyer


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Michelle L. Grenier, Esq., Small Business Attorney and Executive Contract Lawyer

Grenier Law Offices, PC
Established in 1999

Business clients enjoy the service, attention and accessibility of in-house corporate counsel, without the additional costs associated with hiring in-house corporate counsel.

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Helping Entrepreneurs start their businesses, helping existing Businesses grow and Executives achieve their goals.

Massachusetts Office:
Franklin Street, Boston, MA
Maine Office:
Congress Street, Portland, ME
Attorney Michelle Grenier interviewed by MaineBiz on the New LLC Act.  Click here to read.


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Giving Back. Grenier Law Offices gives a portion of all profits to charitable organizations and encourages its clients to do the same. Successful business owners know . . . "What you put out there, comes back to you, in one way or another."

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Small Business Owners . . .

Thinking Outside the Box.

Attorney Michelle L. Grenier helps Business Owners who want to DO IT RIGHT and protect their business, trademarks and other assets. 


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Michelle L. Grenier, a trusted Business Lawyer, has a way of making the complicated . . . simple. This has resulting in successful, long-lasting relationships with clients.  

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Michelle is a Business Lawyer Representing Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses (privately owned companies with 1 to 1,000 employees) and Executives.  Michelle assists businesses of all sizes with regard to trademark issues.

Focusing on keeping clients out of trouble and protecting clients' assets and rights through well-drafted contracts and securing trademarks. 

Michelle is a small business attorney who takes the Dispute-Avoidance Approach, because, preventive measures are always less costly than remedial measures.

Client Review Rating:*
"Preeminent" (5.0 out of 5.0)
*Source Martindale-Hubbell®

"Dispute-Avoidance for all

. . . one Contract at at time"

Michelle L. Grenier, Esq., is an experienced Small Business Attorney (representing privately owned companies), Trademark Lawyer and Executive Contract Lawyer who takes a pro-active, "Dispute-Avoidance" approach, encouraging preventative measures, rather than reactive, pay to fix-it later approach.  Michelle works to keep her clients out of trouble, rather than focusing on costly remedial measurers, after the damage has been done. 

     Michelle Grenier is a small business attorney, known for her work with privately owned businesses, closley held companies and individuals, as well as executives in transition.  Michelle, serves a diverse client base, including, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers in a broad range of industries, as well as, brokers, designers, architects, executives, artists, galleries, authors, contractors, high-tech companies and their principals. 

As a small business attorney, Michelle is committed to providing the most efficient legal services of the highest caliber, to businesses and executives, with the benefits and flexibility of a small law firm atmosphere.   As a result, Michelle L. Grenier has received the Highest Client Rating.

The firm maintains its offices in  the Boston financial district and downtown Portland, Maine and represents businesses with locations across the United States, including, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Nevada, Texas and other states.  

Learn about  Startup Information, obtain a better understanding of Agreements and Contracts, utilize Business Checklists and/or discuss your business issues with Michelle Grenier, an experienced small business attorney by clicking here.

Proudly Practicing with Integrity.

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"Grenier Law Offices . . . a boutique law firm for Entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized Businesses, Executives and Authors."

Michelle L. Grenier, Esq., is a Boston Business Lawyer, Maine Business Lawyer and Trademark Attorney, with offices in downtown Boston and the Portland, Maine area and with clients having locations across the nation.

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Executive Contract




Attorney Michelle Grenier helps Executives that want to DO IT RIGHT, with advice on current employment contracts, new employment contracts, severance packages, exit strategies, etc.



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Michelle L. Grenier, an Experienced Executive Contract Lawyer, can help you with your current employment contract, new employment contract, exit strategies and transition issues.


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Whether you it be a Severance Package, a new Employment Contract or Starting Your Own Business, Michelle Grenier can provide you with the advice you need to move forward and achieve your goals.


Take the Dispute-Avoidance Approach.

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When taking the path less traveled, don't forget to bring a compass. In business, your compass is a team of professionals, who will guide you to your goals.
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Michelle L. Grenier, small business attorney, provides the following information,  guides and services for small businesses:

Startup, including,

to Operation, including,

and throughout execution of Exit Strategies,

A Valuable Resource for EntrepreneursBusinesses and Executives.

 Filled with helpful Articles and Valuable Information.

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