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Business Checklists for World Changemakers

Advice and representation for world changemakers at all stages of success. Incorporation, LLC's and more.

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Trademarks for World Changemakers

Protect your valuable Trademark assets. Advice, research and preparation of Trademark Registration Applications for World Changemakers.

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Contracts for World Changemakers

Get It In Writing! Contract advice, representation, negotiation and preparation, for businesses and executives.

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Expanding Our Reach | Opportuity for ...

OPPORTUNITY FOR BUSINESS LAWYERS We are expanding our reach to World Changemakers in various locations.  You and this law practice may be a good match.  Are you a lawyer with five (5) years experience in business law?  Do you have a passion for helping people and making a difference?  Are you self-directed, motivated and looking […]

Understanding contracts.

Understanding contracts.  What is a contract? A contract is a promise or set of promises, for breach of which the law gives a remedy, or the performance of which the law in some way recognizes as a duty. Risk. The biggest risk is not having a signed comprehensive contract; the second biggest risks, is in […]

Website Compiance

Website Compiance One of the first things new businesses do, typically is, create a website.  Business owners should understand that it is important to have proper web site content including, appropriate terms of use, privacy policy and copyright notices. This content protects your rights, as well as, provides for compliance with laws such as the Digital […]

Understanding the Letter of Credit

Understanding the Letter of Credit      One of the biggest risks in using a Letter of Credit, is not fully understanding the terms.  Clarification can be obtained easily, with proper counsel. A Letter of Credit is a Contract, however, the typical contract rules do not apply in every case. There are rigorous formalities and requirements. […]

Understanding Business Agreements for...

Understanding Business Agreements for Small Businesses and Executives Learn About Business Agreements, with articles drafted by an experienced business lawyer: MULTI-PARTY PROJECTS: Joint Venture Agreements Collaboration Agreements DISTRIBUTORS & MANUFACTURERS/SUPPLIERS: Distributorship Agreements BUYING A BUSINESS – Selling a Business: Business Acquisition Agreements PROTECT YOUR TRADE SECRETS: Non-Compete Agreement Confidentiality Agreement – Non Disclosure Agreement NDA […]

What are Trademarks, Copyrights and T...

What are Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets? PROTECT YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS Intellectual property can be a company’s most valuable asset and the acquisition, transfer, license or right to use such intellectual property is often an essential element in many business transactions.  Recently, lenders, investors and financial institutions have considered and requested intellectual property assets […]

Business Resources

Business Resources Knowledge + Informed Decisions + Proper Implementation = Business Success Federal Trade Commission Office of Competition Office of Policy and Coordination Room 383 Bureau of Competition Federal Trade Commission 600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, D.C. 20580 (202) 326-3300 antitrust@ftc.gov State Resources: Maine Massachusetts   Grenier Law Offices, PC Locations:  Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, […]

Registering your business. What permi...

Registering your business. What permits or licenses apply?     Non-compliance with certificate and permitting laws and regulations can be costly, monetarily and through exposure to liability.  Attorney Grenier can assist you in determining which business certificates, permits and/or licenses will be necessary to operate your business and assist you in the legal aspects of applying […]

Publishing Agreement Checklist

Publishing Agreement Checklist Publishing lawyer for Authors and PublishersThe following are some of the issues that are often addressed in a publishing agreement. 1.      First, have you registered your copyright to the work with the Library of Congress?  (Highly Recommended- See Copyright Registration Info) 2.      Determine whether this is a Work for Hire (typically not […]

Private School Law

Private School Law In addition to the issues presented on the New Business Checklists, private schools should consider additional legal issues that relate to their business, for example: compliance with immigration law and related visa issues for foreign students; contracts for students and parents of minors; consent forms; limitations on use of student photos on […]